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BOB429'S 71 429 SCJ Sportsroof

Welcome to my Web site. Here you will find some info on one of the most rare Mustangs Ford produced.

In 1971 613 429 SCJ Mustangs were produced some 4 speed some C 6 Automatics. Most of these cars were Mach I's but not all. There were 5 different models of mustangs in 1971. All of which could have the 429 option and there was at least one in every group. Most non Mach I 429SCJ Mustangs were special order therefore most were one of a kind for their options.
Of the 613 SCJ Mustangs only 16 Automatic Sportsroofs ( WITHOUT THE MACH I PACKAGE) were produced(**Stastic courtesy of MARTI AUTO WORKS**)

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429 Super COBRA JET Sportsroof

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